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TalentNow On Demand Talent Marketplace

TalentNow Marketplace is the first to deliver talent across the career continuum, matched to work opportunities utilizing the world's most advanced real-time skills, market and wage data pulled from across the globe into one cutting edge technology. This data delivers a trusted source to clients, not just regarding matching talent to their opportunities, but giving them the much-needed information to make informed decisions across their staffing needs.

TalentNow Talent On Demand

 Find carefully curated A-list talent across the career continuum, from interns to experts. Our advanced deep learning AI platform helps organizations join the “talent first” approach to workforce management, screening in the best talent matched to job requirements while eliminating bias in the process.

AI-Drive Talent Identification

 TalentNow matches your work opportunities to talent across a multifaceted approach beyond just title and resume, all powered by TalentNow Insights. 

Uncover A New Talent Pool

  The unique algorithm works to eliminate bias while elevating talent to the right opportunity. Advanced data and analytics from TalentNow Insights uncover current occupational trends to ensure you are ready with talent now and in the future. 

Get Talent Now, Not a Month From Now

In the average workplace, it takes over forty-two days of time and effort to hire talent. TalentNow drastically lowers time-to-hire by creating matches that not only meet your needs but give you market data to ensure you are aligned with the talent and competitive.

Access to Talent Across the Career Continuum

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