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TalentNow Insights

Advanced Data, Analytics and Insights to Manage Talent Needs

TalentNow Insights delivers labor market data to help you make informed and data-driven business decisions, both for today and as you plan for tomorrow.  Through our partnerships with multiple data cultivation partners, we enable real-time access to job posting analytics, compensation data and overall employment data, both for the US and around the World.


Traditional Labor Information 

Industry, occupation, education, and demographics data.  Through LMI, you can understand the structure of an economy and get a full picture of the major trends in jobs and wages.

Compensation Data

Wage estimations based on wage data (from government sources) plus self-reported wage data. Compensation data can help you estimate the pay ranges for jobs based on talent’s skills and experience.

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Global Data

Industry, occupation, and profile data collected from various countries.  Global data helps you to understand markets across borders and make informed decisions on jobs and wages.

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