The Future of Work is Now

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From experts to interns, TalentNow has you covered.

We built our platform to meet the dynamic challenges of business. Serving the best talent matched to company demands or business outcome. From a few hours or many months and everything in between, we deliver the talent you need now all in one platform.

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One Marketplace to fit your business needs

The world’s first and only multi-sided platform to remove bias in recruitment. We’re building products that bring together all aspects of the staffing industry for humans. We intelligently connect people and skills at scale to match candidates to the right roles. Recruiters and employers find fast, instantly ranked pipelines of the best talent, NOW, anywhere in the world.

Get Talent Now, Not in a month from now

In the average workplace, it takes over 42 days of time and effort to hire talent. TalentNow drastically lowers time-to-hire to drive by creating matches that not only meet your needs, but gives you market data to ensure you are aligned with the talent and competitive in market.

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Broaden your talent pool

Reduce candidate sourcing time by screening talent from multiple channels, in seconds. Our platform transforms your recruiting with instant, full qualified talent pipelines leading to huge improvements in time and cost metrics, freeing up hours each day for every recruiter.

AI to drive action

TalentNow Insights  offers the most current and relevant data and insights related to talent market, hard if not impossible to find from any one source. So you can make the right tactical and strategic decision.. Get access to the world’s most advanced real-time skills, market and wage data pulled from across the globe into one cutting-edge (data analytics) platform. Use TalentNow Insights to discover deeper insights, stay competitive and offer the right price for right talent, use predictive analytics to understand emerging needs or skills needed for the future, or generate recommendations to facilitate decision making to proactively and holistically manage your workforce.

Connect with us today to see how TalentNow can support your company with the right talent, in the model that is right for your company.