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The Top 4 Skills in Demand for The Future of Work and How to Find Them

In today’s world, it is even more important than ever to continue to relearn and retool no matter what industry you are in. These days, everyone needs to be improving on their skills to stay current with trends in the workforce. The economy is shifting toward skills-based work and the gig economy has been changing so much of how workers find work.

Learning is readily available for everyone on the internet through amazing websites that are taught by industry leaders. In this blog post, we will aim to introduce the most in demand skills and how you can begin to acquire them through courses and certifications.

1. Data Analytics

All jobs require data literacy in some way, so it is imperative to brush up on your data analysis skills.

Telling stories through data by visualization tools has become one of the most useful skills to have so here are some courses that help you build your skillset:

· Microsoft Power BI – Power BI is one of the most intuitive tools to learn and you can do it through Microsoft itself. Many companies use this tool for data insights and intelligence.

· Data Visualization with Tableau Specialization – This course through Coursera gives you a good overview of data visualization by using Tableau which is one of the leading tools in the space.

If you are looking for more technical data analysis and data science skills, you can go here:

· IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

· Introduction to Data Analysis using Excel

2. Cloud Computing

Infrastructure has been transformed with the introduction of cloud computing and skills in this are have been increasing in demand. Many companies are looking for professionals with experience with these technical tools.

· Amazon AWS Certification

· Microsoft Azure Training Library

· Cloud Computing Specialization

3. Artificial Intelligence

AI, machine learning, and natural language processing have all become huge buzz words in the tech community and if you know how to leverage skills within these areas, you are in a great position to market yourself for new jobs in this economy. The future of work depends on these areas so opportunities will become even more available in the coming years. Here are some courses and certifications that can help you explore your interest in AI:

· Machine Learning

· Intro to Artificial Intelligence

· Google AI

4. UX Design

User experience and design are at the core of so many companies. This area of knowledge is growing in importance as consumers become even more rigid in what they expect from products and experiences. Having a good UX for your product can be the difference between who downloads or visits your site and who visits your competitor. Below are some courses that can give you a leg up on the competition:

· UI / UX Design Specialization

· User Experience Research and Design Specialization

· User Experience Design Essentials - Adobe XD UI UX Design

The future of work depends on workers continuously improving and learning through different avenues outside of work. These courses can be fun ways to improve your skillset and gain some certifications to put on your resume and LinkedIn profile!