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5 Workforce Trends Shaping 2021 and beyond

Creating a working environment that appeals to top talent can help you find the right employees for your company. A quality company needs the highest quality team of people to help you succeed and serve customers well.

No matter the talent you need—from a new intern or a highly-skilled specialist—keeping up with workforce trends makes your business a place where people want to work. From supporting your remote or non-employee workforce to the in-house team, here are five workforce shaping trends for 2021 and beyond.

1. Flexible Locations

The past year showed us that work can happen (almost) anywhere, and businesses can thrive while employees work from home. It will be tough for companies to go back to an all in-house team that requires employees to work in a specific office location—without losing their best talent to more flexible companies.

The good news is that incorporating a flexible location aspect to your business model opens your available talent pool to more excellent employee options. Recruiting is no longer limited to availability in your city. Choose from potential employees located almost anywhere to find the ideal best match for your hiring needs.

2. Time Flexibility

A remote employee can be the ideal candidate for your business. However, if they work in a different time zone, "business hours" might need to flex to accommodate the difference from your office location.

Local employees appreciate time flexibility, too. Whether it's taking an afternoon to attend a child's recital vs. missing it to finish a report on deadline, today's workforce wants companies to help them prioritize a work-life balance. Accommodating "working hours" with flexibility helps companies retain better employees without sacrificing the quality of work.

3. Employee Well-Being

Working your employees to exhaustion is no longer an excellent way to maximize output. Burned-out employees won't stick around for you when they can find another job with a company that puts effort into caring for their employees' well-being.

Happy and healthy talent works better for you. Whether it's flexible time-off or company-provided mental health resources and wellness programs, your business's culture and employee care will help you find and retain better talent. Put your people first and watch productivity improve!

4. Digital Resources

The timeframe needed to hire, and onboard a new hire is shorter than ever before. Today, employers can find new employees and set them up with the tools to begin right away. With digital hiring platforms and technology like ZOOM, building a team is easier and more cost-effective now (and for future outlooks).

5. The Greater Good

Employees need to believe that their work and your company help make the world a better place, at least in some small way. Pay attention to what employees care about and help them affect positive change through company initiatives for the greater good.

Apply Workforce Trends to Find the Best Talent

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