Leadership Team


Anu Vora, CEO

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Anu Vora is one of the youngest technology entrepreneurs and investors in the country. Right after graduating from the University of Michigan, at 22, she founded AdmitAlly, a software company that supports Higher Education institutions in their enrollment efforts. Within 3 years, AdmitAlly was sold to Nestlings, an Education Technology company based in the Bay Area. Now, she is the founder and Managing Partner at Candid Ventures, a venture studio that invests primarily in the Talent, Education, and Healthcare sectors. In addition to TalentNow, Anu serves on the board of Ms.Medicine, Nestlings, Shift_Up, AssureCare, and other high-growth businesses. Prior to founding AdmitAlly, Anu worked in Silicon Valley at Grand Rounds and Handshake, where she sprouted the seeds of her investment philosophy. Anu believes in building a bias-free workplace, supporting women and people of color in leadership positions, and increasing access to career opportunities for overlooked and underserved populations.


Christi Brown, VP, Operations

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Christi Brown is a 2x start-up founder and a driver of smart collaboration in the workplace using tech to enable users to gain more knowledge by creating actionable data that informs execution with insights, efficiencies & capabilities. She believes that a positive customer experience is crucial to the success of the business. She and her team are focused on creating and obsessing over a great customer experience. She brings start-up and enterprise knowledge to the TalentNow team helping to focus on solving the most significant and relevant problems both at the company and in the industry. Her passion, perseverance, and positive attitude have aided her in overcoming the obstacles that entrepreneurs and businesses face. She graduated from the tech accelerator, UpTech Ideas in 2017 known for creating successful data-driven B2B start-ups. Since UpTech, she raised multi-million from institutional investors and grew her company to over 10,000 users before exiting.

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Robert Mahoney, Head of Product

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Robert Mahoney brings a vast amount of technical knowledge and leadership from his diverse background where his passion comes from years of solving technical problems over a broad range of domains. He served his country for 4 years and worked with the hardware side of fixing and maintaining computer detection systems. Excelling into leadership positions during that time. He transitioned into a new field after completing his BS in Cellular and Molecular Biology. He jumped into working with high dimensional single-cell datasets using cutting-edge machine learning techniques and statistics which culminated in work that was published in several high profile scientific journals. After creating a shared internal website for other researchers to use to interact with the data he realized his true passion was software development. He has been working and architecting solutions for large clients in the B2B space ever since.


Viral Vora, Director

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Viral Vora is a veteran in Talent-tech with immense passion for talent acquisition space. Currently, he leads multiple companies that offer state of the art ATS, Assessment and Video Interview and Global background check solutions to over 2000 companies world-wide ranging from Fortune 500 companies to cutting edge start ups. Earlier, Viral served as the President of Ascendum Solutions for nearly eight years. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Cincinnati.