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Manage Subcontractors, Increase Your Candidate Pool

Recruitment consultancy business is tough enough to adopt all possible ways to increase your candidate pool to maximize your chances of closing a job faster than competition. Hiring vendors or subcontractors helps you do just that. In RecruitX we have a dedicated module for managing candidate submissions from vendors.

  • List of all vendors with details for quick overview
  • Add vendor along with all company and contact details
  • Manage vendors by editing any detail
  • Dedicated vendor dashboard to submit and track candidates

Vendor Dashboard

Quickly get an overview of all your vendors along with their details like contact name, email, phone, contract start and end date, contract file and the date on which they were added. Sort or filter vendors easily using various attributes.

Add New Vendor

Easily add a new vendor with all their contact and address details. Optionally, you can also add contract details along with sending their account credentials to their email id.

Manage Existing Vendors

Easily manage vendors by editing any of their contact or contract details. You can also terminate their contract and or delete the vendor from the system. Easily track vendor status with tabbed view for Active, Expired and Terminated vendors.

Dedicated Vendor Dashboard

All vendors get a dashboard where they can submit their candidates for selected jobs and track the status of those candidates and jobs. As admin you also get to track all submissions made by your vendors to your clients.

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