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Optimum Mix of Flexibility And Control

As a recruiter, you know that recruitment consultancy is predominantly driven by the efforts and network of individual recruiters. That is why we have also made RecruitX a user centric software where every user has all the tools and options to manage their own pool of candidates and jobs. Individual user roles can be easily determined from the admin user account. And If the existing user roles don’t suite your needs you can always create your own role. With RecruitX you can manage users just the way you would manage your own team.

  • Easy user management
  • Flexible roles management
  • Option to assign different roles for different users
  • Option to create custom roles and assign module based rights

Manage Users

  • Add new users by providing all the applicable details and assigning an applicable role to them.
  • Get a complete overview of all active and inactive users in your admin account from the dashboard, along with the contact details and the role of each user.
  • Quickly edit, delete or deactivate any user detail or change the role assigned to them.

Manage Roles

  • The roles section gives you a list of all the user roles you have in your account along with the user count in each role and the option to manage the main dashboard for them.
  • Create custom roles relevant for your organization and assign specific right from all modules.

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