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Productivity Tools for Enhanced Efficiency

Other than all the features RecruitX also has some utilities that improve your productivity. It has an in-built calendar to organize all your activities including tasks, appointments, interviews, etc. It has a Hot List for easy access to candidates, jobs and contacts added in it. The left sidebar also has a Recent Activities section that shows your last few activities, so that you can easily jump to them whenever you need.

  • Calendar view of activities and tasks
  • Hot list for jobs, candidates and contacts
  • Recent Activities for shortcuts to frequently visited sections

Calendar View of Activities

The inbuilt calendar shows you all your tasks, appointments and scheduled interviews. Get a bird’s eye view of all your activities for the month and never miss out on a deadline. And if you have integrated Google Calendar app with RecruitX you can sync all these activities with Google Calendar activities as well.

Hot List

Hot List helps you organize all your important jobs, candidates and contacts in one place. So if you are working extensively on selected jobs or trying to convert a few contacts into customers, you can straightaway go to your Hot list and start working without going to each of these individual modules.

Recent Activities

If you need to go back and forth multiple times amongst a few modules or pages, you can use the Recent Activities to do that easier and faster.

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