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Build Client Relationships, Win More Business

A successful hiring agency business depends on not just your candidate pool but also your client pool. That’s why RecruitX has been designed to help you manage your clients as well. The inbuilt CRM of RecruitX lets you do everything you need to acquire new client and win more business – right from managing company leads and opportunities to understanding your hiring performance for them. Manage relationships, measure performance, win more business!

  • Company dashboard for a macro view
  • Leads tracking for increasing customer pool
  • Opportunities tracking for increasing jobs pool
  • Company tracking to measure company wise performance
  • Contacts tracking to measure contact wise performance

Companies Dashboard

The companies dashboard gives you an overview of all Companies, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities. It also provide a scorecard for companies leads and opportunities you help you measure and improve your performance.


Track all leads along with details like contact, lead owner, source, current status and date when the lead was added on. You can easily search for any lead using appropriate filters or export all lead data in a spreadsheet. Most importantly, you can track the conversion status from lead to company as a percentage value to identify leads you need to work on more.


Track all job opportunities from existing companies along with other details like Contact Person, Type of Job, Status and the date on which it was added. You can also get all the details of individual opportunities along with the option to convert them into confirmed jobs.


You can keep track of all your companies, their contacts, sales representatives and most importantly a complete overview of the jobs pipeline of each company. So you get to see which companies jobs you are closing more and where you need to put in more effort. You can also export this data as a spreadsheet to share with relevant stakeholders.


Keep track of all active contacts in one place along with their company details, email id and phone number. You can also see inactive contacts and prospects that you can convert to contacts.For all your contacts you can send emails to them, add them to hot list and export their data.

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