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Increase & Fully Leverage Your Candidate Pool

At Talentnow we understand that the size and quality of your candidate pool are very important to your business.That is why we have made it super easy for you to source candidates from various channels, assign them to relevant jobs, submit them to clients, schedule interviews for them and hire or reject them. Our software is intelligent enough to automate tasks that can be, to increase your productivity and your business’s profitability.

  • Complete overview of active candidates in dashboard
  • Easy import of single or multiple resumes
  • Intelligent resume parsing to organize candidate data
  • All candidate information in one place
  • Search any candidate in seconds
Increase & Fully Leverage Your Candidate Pool
Overview of active candidates

Overview of Active Candidates

Get a complete overview of all active candidates along with details like Name, Title, Company, Action, Date, Recruiter, Source, Pay Rate, and Billing Rate. You can also quickly search and sort candidates using any of these fields. You can also export the complete list of active candidates with their important details.

Import Candidate Resumes

You can either add candidate resumes one at a time or select multiple resumes and import them in bulk and save your time. Using Bulk Candidate Import functionality you can select and import up to 500 resumes simultaneously and check the import status in reports.

Import candidate resumes
Intelligent Resume Parsing

Intelligent Resume Parsing

As soon as you import a resume, it is parsed by our advanced parsing system and all the candidate form fields are filled automatically with the information available in the resume. Prepare to get amazed by the neatness with which your resumes are parsed!

Candidate Details In One Place

The Candidate details page gives you all the details of the candidate on a single page including, hiring status, activity history, additional notes, and attachments. You can also update the resume and other details anytime and take related actions like Submit to Client, Schedule Interview or Make an Offer right from there.

Candidate details in one place
Advance candidate search

Advance Search

You can search for any candidate from the complete list of all candidates using advanced options that give you accurate results faster. You can either do a boolean search or use multiple keywords. If you don’t want to use keywords you can also use one or multiple candidate fields to search.

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