AI Driven Private Marketplace

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TalentNow Private Marketplace

TalentNow Private Marketplace was built with all users in mind, from hiring managers, procurement, financial approvers, vendors to contractors bringing forth the most advanced vendor management system. 

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Easy to use

TalentNow Private Marketplace was designed for ease of use and to be intuitive for the user.  Using smart technology, daily tasks and processes are easy to complete, even on the go with SMS and email capabilities. By incorporating real-time labor market data, TalentNow Private Marketplace takes a transaction-and-process-based approach used by traditional VMS’ and transforms it into a data-driven, strategic talent building and strategic decision-making experience.  

Robust Reporting


Through our fully customizable dashboards, TalentNow Private Marketplace users have real-time access to actionable and insightful reporting to drive program performance and provide a single source of truth for all contingent spending.  Clients, Partners and Suppliers all have this robust reporting at their fingertips.

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Advanced Decision Support

 Data is power. TalentNow Private Marketplace has advanced decision support built right in. By delivering real-time data and analytics, the user has the information they need to make data driven business decisions.

End-to-end Talent Sourcing and Management 

 From requisition creation to onboarding of talent, invoicing to payment, performance management to compliance, the TalentNow Private Marketplace delivers an end-to end sourcing solution with automated workflows, audit trails and document repositories.   


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Working with Staffing Vendors? No Problem.

With TalentNow Private Marketplace, you can BYOV (Bring Your Own Vendors) and implement a fair and transparent system to automate and intelligently manage the effectiveness of your existing vendor pool. At the same time, seamlessly integrate with TalentNow One Marketplace to start benefitting from access to the global talent pool, leveraging the growing Direct and Semi-Direct sourcing trends. Direct Sourcing provides direct access to the global talent pool and Semi-Direct Sourcing provides access to the talent available from thousands of other reputable vendors who are not in your primary vendor group.   

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