TalentNow is the first unified marketplace connecting employers to talent, free from constraints of source, location, or engagement model. Through our public and private marketplace offerings, companies have one unified solution for all of their non-employee talent needs. 


Flexible employment models are needed to meet the demands of our clients as well as the workforce values we see held by talent. The future of work looks vastly different than the world of work we have seen in the past. Companies need the ability to build and cultivate a pipeline of talent based on evolving business needs. TalentNow is the source of connection to talent providing a continuum for early talent including interns/students, contractors, retirees, experts and full-time employees.


We believe that the recruitment process has focused too much on the management of the process itself and has forgotten about the most important thing – the talent. This has led to increased time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, difficulty mobilizing a team, finding the right talent match to client business and culture, and the creation of bias in the recruitment process, leading to challenges with diversity and inclusion.

What makes us unique?

1.  Our Vision of One Solution; One Marketplace. With TalentNow you continue sourcing talent from your existing vendor-partner relationships, just more efficiently and effectively, and with more ease, compliance, and transparency.  And at the same time, you must get ready to embrace the evolving trends in the talent market and what the future of work is shaping to be.  With One Marketplace, you can source and manage talent from anywhere (Private, and Public (Direct and Sem-Direct), individuals, teams, interns, professionals, or experts, for a few hours to many months of engagement). And manage all aspects of growing your business with on-demand, non-employee talent. 


2.  Our Technology. Foundationally built with AI in mind. We believe AI can be used to lift talent up, not filter talent out. Our technology allows us to neutralize data which allows us to match across fields beyond just resume and job title, but also looks at elements of importance such as soft skills and cultural fit. We feel this technology can be truly transformational. 


3.  Our Heritage and Experience. Our team has decades of experience working with all aspects of the recruitment ecosystem. Since 2010, TalentNow technology has assisted 100’s of organizations worldwide in streamlining their recruiting processes. before it was morphed into the One Marketplace vision of today. This deep domain expertise allows us to fully understand the challenges employers face and the trends that are shaping the future of work.   


4.  Our Talent First Approach. We feel that most HR tech platforms have focused on process rather than talent. 

Our Mission

To be the force shaping the future of work.

Our Vision

To democratize work for everyone.