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It shouldn't be this hard to find talent now, so we fixed it.

TalentNow One Marketplace

TalentNow brings together contingent workforce management built with the flexibility to serve your enterprise with non-employee talent to fit your business needs in a single platform bringing a new type of Vendor Management System (VMS).


Public Marketplace

 Find carefully curated A-list talent across the career continuum, from interns to experts on TalentNow's Talent On-Demand module. Our advanced, deep-learning AI platform helps organizations join the “talent first” approach to workforce management, screening in the best talent from across multiple sources from staffing vendors, direct sourcin talent pools, community organizations, and freelance marketplaces matched to job requisitions.

Flex Team Project with SOW Management

 The TalentNow Flex Teams module is a project management tool giving you a better way to source and manage composite project teams using the Statement of Work (SOW) engagement model. Bring project owner’s goals, milestones, and collaborative communication together in one place with visual highlights to share statuses, spot potential issues, and keep work on track and you can even source additional talent on demand right from the TalentNow Public Marketplace.

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AI-Driven Private Marketplace

 TalentNow’s Private Marketplace Module takes the traditional transaction-based VMS process and transforms it into a data-driven, strategic talent building experience. Our private marketplace delivers real-time data at your fingertips. We simplify complex talent and supplier management processes into automated workflows and task management with easy-to-use dashboards , freeing your team to focus on people, not just a process.

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Advanced Data, Analytics, and Insights

 TalentNow Insights is the world's most advanced real-time skills, market, and wage data pulled from across the globe into one cutting-edge platform. Use TalentNow Insights to discover deeper insights, view workforce trends to take action, or generate recommendations to facilitate decision making to proactively and holistically manage your workforce needs.