Talentnow Source  
  The Smart Sourcing Tool for Recruiters

Talentnow Source is the most advanced candidate sourcing tool that every recruiter should have at their disposal. It has been designed to eliminate the need to import for building resume database and provide the ability to quickly search through them.

Talentnow Source Create on-the-fly Resume Database

Automatic creation of resume database as you view them from job portals or social networking website. Import resumes on emails and on your computer in a click.

Quick, Convenient Search

Perform search on your centralized database. Ability to perform simple keyword search as well as boolean search on fields entered and entire word resume.

Talentnow Source
Talentnow Source Manage Folders

Create folders like you create in your computer to categorize your database.

Create Notes

Make your personalized notes and remarks on every candidate.

Talentnow Source
Talentnow Source Convenient Mailing

Send emails through Outlook, Zimbra or other mail clients to candidates with the click of a button.

Export Resumes to Word, PDF and Excel

Export candidate details to an Excel file for further processing. Convert Word resumes to PDF.

Talentnow Source